Graduate Orientation at Itasca

MCDG 8920

Orientation for the BMBB and MCDB&G graduate programs in CBS. Incoming students spend two weeks at the Itasca Research Station in August, where they attend daily laboratory modules, professional development seminars, and research talks by departmental faculty.


Cell Structure and Function

GCD 8151

Graduate-level course focusing on the structure, function, and biochemistry of cellular organelles, and cellular interactions in eukaryotes. The course emphasizes the role of membranes, secretion, trafficking, cytoskeleton, cell motility, the nucleus, the cell cycle, apoptosis, cell signaling, and signal transduction mechanisms.


Advanced Developmental Biology

GCD 8161

Graduate-level course addressing current concepts/experimental approaches to basic mechanisms of development, including model organisms, embryology, cell fate determination, differentiation, pattern formation, polarity, cell migration, and cell interactions. The course is designed with emphasis on the analysis of original research articles.


Proposal Writing

GCD 8171

Graduate-level course designed to provide training and experience for students in the writing of research proposals for submission to funding agencies such as NSF and NIH.